Can Foot Care Products Help With Ingrown Toenails?

You may not realize it, but treating ingrown toenails requires more than just a pair of clippers and some antibiotic ointment. The right shoe insoles and other foot care products can make a difference in your ingrown toenail pain and in keeping things from getting worse over time.

Let’s spend a moment understanding ingrowing toenails, then we’ll discuss some things you can do that you might not have thought about. There’s more than one way to approach solving toenail issues, and some of them are smart ideas for other foot health reasons anyway.

Understanding Ingrown Toenails

As you probably know, ingrown toenails are nails that dig into the surrounding skin, leading to inflammation and often infection. This can happen all along the side of a nail or just at the tip. For minor cases, clipping temporarily relieves the problems. Worse ingrown nails require cutting out by a doctor.

While it’s a minor annoyance in many cases, it can be a very serious problem for those with compromised immune systems, diabetes or impaired circulation that causes problems with fighting disease, clearing infection or healing.

The first symptom is pain or discomfort, but the area around the ingrown toenail can change colors — and there can be a nasty discharge of pus. A section of the skin around the nail can become so swollen that it overlaps the nails.

This problem can be caused by heredity, improper nail trimming or damage to the nail, but it can also be caused by pressure.

Solving Pressure-Related Ingrown Nails

When ingrown toenails are caused by pressure, foot care products like those sold at can help eliminate the problem or keep it from flaring up.

Shoe insoles designed for stability can keep your foot from shifting in your shoe, meaning that your problem toe may not press into the shoe as often or at all. It’s important, of course, to choose high-quality inserts and put them in roomy shoes.

Orthopedic sandals can also play a role in treating an ingrown toe nail. Wearing open-toed shoes is recommended by podiatrists to treat flare-ups of this problem, but many types of open shoes have virtually no support. Orthopedic sandals are designed with both support and style in mind — and there are many more choices than there once were.

In addition, products that are designed to eliminate foot odors can actually have an indirect impact on ingrown toenails. These products destroy bacteria and fungus that causes smells, but they also kill much of the bacteria that can lead to infection of an ingrowing nail, helping improve your overall foot health while stopping smells.

Of course, properly cutting nails, applying balms, ointments and bandages and getting medical treatment when necessary is the first line of attack when nails grow in.

But using shoe insoles or orthopedic sandals and exploring the other products at can also help — and can contribute to healthier, pain-free feet that will serve you well for the rest of your life.