Collapsed Arches? Your Shoes Could Be To Blame

If you have problems with collapsed arches, you know how much pain is involved. Fortunately, there are two very effective ways to treat this kind of pain — and we can help you with one of them here at

Footwear And Collapsed Arches

A collapsed arch causes pulling of the muscles in your foot, often making it feel like you have a sprained or strained ankle — or worse. You may be surprised to learn that bad footwear can be responsible for this painful and often debilitating condition. In fact, bad shoes can cause problems with many parts of your body, especially your feet, of course — but also your ankles, knees, hips and lower back.

If your work or social life requires you to stand or walk in dress shoes or high heels, you could be doing yourself a world of harm every moment. Without shoe insoles, these kinds of shoes provide very little support and often force you to contort your feet into unnatural and even immediately painful positions. Still, millions of people do it every day. Do you?

Some people go for relaxing massages, effective chiropractic treatments and strength-enhancing workouts, then shove their feet back into poorly built shoes and undo many of the benefits of their healing activities.

If changing to smarter shoes isn’t possible, using shoe insoles always is. There are a variety of shapes, sizes, thicknesses and brands designed to fit into every kind of shoe. Surely there’s something that you can use in your usual shoes to make a big difference.

Two Effective Ways Of Dealing With Fallen Arches

Chiropractic treatments are often considered very effective for treating collapsed arches. It makes sense if you think about it: Fallen arches allow structures in the lower body to shift into unhealthy positions. That eventually impacts the back too. Chiropractors can put those structures and the back itself where they belong once again with non-invasive, low-pain treatments that relieve symptoms immediately and allow for long-term relief too.

But without something to support the fallen arch and make every post-treatment step smarter and healthier than those before treatment, all the positive effects of chiropractic care or any other treatment program are lost after just a few steps. That’s where shoe insoles come in. There are even special arch support devices that can be used alone or in conjunction with other cushioning shoe insoles.

If you have fallen arches, it makes sense to choose shoe insoles that support them. Understand, however, that adjusting to the insoles could take some time, and you could experience some pain caused by the new position of your foot’s bone structure — just as you could experience pain after chiropractic treatment as your body adjusts to the new position of vital structures.

But it’s totally worth it.

You can take a few simple actions that can relieve your symptoms from fallen arches and help you step back into a pain-free life. It’s possible for you if you treat your existing problems and support your feet so that you don’t continue to re-injure and aggravate your fallen arches pain for the rest of your life.