Do Arch Supports Really Help?

We don’t use our feet the way nature intended, and we suffer the consequences because of it. Our feet are perfect for walking across the uneven surfaces that the earth provides us, but hard and inflexible surfaces that humans build aren’t ideal. Walking on wood floors, concrete and tile forces our feet to absorb more shock that they were really designed to take on.

That means arches — designed for flexibility over uneven surfaces — fall flat or must strain to stay up where they belong unless we support them with arch supports. The problem is that most modern footwear is designed for style or for economy, rarely for comfort or support.

To get the support that shoe makers don’t provide us, we must turn to arch support inserts. There are a number of good brands, and they work in generally the same way. As long as you choose a premium brand — like the ones sold by — you’ll be much happier and experience much less pain and fatigue than without arch supports.

The Importance Of Arch Support

Good arch supports help your feet maintain proper alignment. There are nearly 30 bones in each of your feet, and they work together to help your feet balance you. When they’re properly aligned, they can do a pretty good job of absorbing shock — as long as you don’t have any disease or structural defects. But unsupported or fallen arches don’t provide the maximum level of support, leading to a breakdown of shock absorption and less-than-necessary balance.

Since your feet are the foundation on which your entire body rests, misalignments in the feet can lead to problems in every part of your body.

Plus, the muscles in your feet are forced to take extraordinary action to keep you in balance, leading to fatigue, discomfort and eventually chronic, debilitating pain that stops you from participating in your normal activities.

What Is An Arch Support?

An arch support places something under the four arches of your foot to take the pressure off the metatarsal heads and the seat of your feet so they maintain proper, stable positioning inside your shoes, no matter how long you walk, stand or participate in a sporting activity.

When you choose the right arch support — one from a reputable maker with your best interests in mind — you get support as well as pressure relief, greater stability, better blood flow in the feet and stronger muscles that are trained to support you better.

Walking on hard surfaces can put five times your body weight or more on your feet, so you can see why support is so vitally necessary. is proud to offer a variety of brands of shoe insoles that feature arch supports as well as heel padding, forefoot cushioning and more. Explore options from Superfeet, Spenco and other popular makers.

We don’t sell cheaply made grocery store brands; instead we offer shoe insoles with arch supports that will do as much good as possible — and help you stay on your feet as long as necessary while maintaining total comfort.