Do You Have Flat Feet?

It’s possible to have flat feet without really knowing it, but that doesn’t mean you have to live a life that’s defined by foot pain and discomfort. Once you understand flat feet, you can take action to decrease the discomfort and perhaps even eliminate it completely.

Let’s take a few moments to understand flat feet, then we’ll talk a bit about solutions.

Understanding Flat Feet

If you have flat feet, the fact may have been pointed out to you during a medical exam. But doctors may not pay much attention to your feet if you don’t tell them about your foot pain, so you may not have been diagnosed. The problem can also develop or worsen over time.

Flat feet happen when the metatarsal arch and the longitudinal arch have collapsed to the point that they’re no longer visible. This causes the ankle and knee to fall inward, and that can create pain that involves your entire leg, not just your foot.

Symptoms of flat feet can be as vague as general foot pain or pain in the ankle, knee or even the lower back. You may also develop calluses under your big toe or bunions from the increased pressure on the inside of your foot. You may also notice your shoulders falling forward or slouching as you walk.

If the problem has worsened over time, you may notice that you require more energy to stand in one place or run than you did before.

Flat feet are likely if the inner walls of your shoes appear stretched and worn and your feet appear to be wider than they should. You might also notice that your ankle protrudes inward as you walk or stand.

The most obvious symptom, however, is that no arch is visible when you stand on a flat surface.

Flat feet can develop over time if you wear ill-fitting or poor quality shoes, have an unusual walking style or have had an injury. One of the most common causes is also heredity; you can simply be born with flat feet or a propensity to develop the condition.

Solutions For Flat Foot Pain

Wearing the best possible shoes can make a difference, and so can avoiding going barefoot on hard surfaces. You may want to try Pro-Tec Arch Supports when walking barefoot.

Many good shoe brands don’t have adequate arch support or cushioning to eliminate foot pain. That’s why we recommend everyone with flat feet consider shoe insoles like the ones we sell at We offer only the best brands, so you can be sure that every product we sell is of the highest quality.

When you have arch pain caused by flat feet, the most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to suffer. When you take care of your feet by wearing good shoes and including good arch supports or shoe insoles, you can live a completely normal and pain-free life and do the things you enjoy most.