Getting To Know Spenco Shoe Inserts

If you have foot or heel pain, we can recommend several brands of shoe insoles and orthotics that will relieve your symptoms and help you get back into life. The perfect choice for you, however, may be as simple as choosing the right option from among the Spenco shoe inserts offered at

But what choices are available? And what makes Spenco shoe inserts so great anyway? Keep reading for the information you need about this longstanding brand with a wide product selection and a great reputation.

In fact, the wide selection may be the best reason to choose Spenco.

Spenco Replacement Insoles Choices

There are dozens of Spenco insole choices, but the company’s inserts are divided into two main categories: The Total Support line offers stability to keep your foot from moving from side to side or back and forth in your shoes. That makes it possible for you to walk and participate in athletic activities with less heel pain and a decreased risk of injuries. The cushioning line helps by decreasing shock that causes plantar fasciitis pain and more.

You see, cushioning helps you by absorbing shock — which decreases pain. Stability helps you by holding your feet in the proper position and limiting movement in the shoe — which can also decrease pain, especially if you have sharp heel spurs that cut into surrounding tissues when your foot shifts.

Spenco also offers a line of classic comfort arch supports and other orthotics as well as several specialty lines.

Within the Total Support line, choose Max for the greatest stability or Thin if there’s little room in a pair of shoes for insoles.

Within the cushioning line, you’ll find both traditional PolySorb products and a line of gel cushioning products that offers the added cushioning potential of gel for those who prefer the texture and feel gel under their feet. There’s a PolySob or Gel insert for just about every purpose and type of shoe.

The Classic Comfort line includes a number of doctor-recommended choices, including the Spenco RX product line. These include arch supports for every type of shoe as well as ball of foot cushions, heel cushions and more.

Specialty products include a complete Spenco for Her line designed with the unique needs of women and their slightly different hip shape and muscle structure in mind. The Spenco Kids line comes in sizes and designs that work with kid’s shoes while appealing to kid-sized sensibilities.

A Few Other Notes About Spenco

Spenco is one of the most respected names in foot care products and probably makes some shoe inserts that are right for you. But that’s not all the company does. It’s an innovator in foot care products with a simple mission: helping people get around more comfortably. Started by Dr. Wayman Spence in 1967, the company also specializes in first aid products and sports medicine.

But for our purposes, the company is all about its Spenco shoe inserts and related products. They’re among the best available, and that’s why we offer them at We only offer the best of the best, and Spenco shoe inserts certainly qualify.