Morning Stretches Can Help Alleviate Foot Pain

A little exercise is good for everything, isn’t it? A recent article in the Wall Street Journal suggests that performing a few simple exercises before you get out of bed each morning can go a long way toward preventing and easing various kinds of foot pain.

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis and related heel spurs, Morton’s neuroma and other kinds of foot and heel pain, you may already know how much difference some stretching can do. In many cases, your morning foot pain is caused by swelling and contracting of the plantar fascia and other tissues, and stretching can help loosen these structures and allow you take those first steps without pain.

Let’s talk a bit more about morning foot pain and how to alleviate it with exercises.

Before You Take That First Step

Many of us have no choice but to walk or stand for extended periods of time, and many of us also participate in hobbies or athletic activities that further aggravate our feet.

One of the most effective exercises for alleviating foot pain begins before you get up in the morning by sitting in bed with your legs stretched in front of you. Then, all you have to do is angle your toes in toward your head and then out away from your body repeatedly. This loosens up the fascial band as well as the Achilles tendon, and doing this exercise could mean you won’t experience any pain when you get take that first step of the morning.

You may also get good results from rolling your foot over a tennis or golf ball first thing in the morning. This stimulated nerves in the feet and gets things going — and it stretches out that swollen plantar fascia too. If you want something made especially for the job, consider ordering a foot massager from

Exercise Those Feet

Have you every tried picking up marbles with your toes? What about grabbing at a towel or washcloth with your feet? Not everyone has enough flexibility in their toes to do these things, but if you can do them, they can be great exercises for strengthening your toes and the balls of your feet.

You might also try wrapping a rubber band across your toes and then trying to flex your toes apart. That’s good exercise, too; just don’t use a band that’s too tight and don’t leave it on for more than few minutes.

Remember to check with your doctor before new exercises like these, especially if you’re diabetic or have serious medical conditions underlying your foot pain.

When you take some action before getting out of bed in the morning, you can loosen up swollen tissues and feet better from the first step you take. You can also strengthen the muscles in your feet and increase your flexibility so that your foot pain will become gradually less noticeable over time.

And less foot pain means more life.