Not Just Shoe Insoles: Smart Decisions Make Your Feet Feel Better

Taking care of your feet is important to maintaining your quality of life. It’s not smart to wear shoes that are too tight or don’t fit properly because that can tear up your feet and make it difficult for you to walk.

Let’s talk a moment about getting the right shoes, then we’ll discuss a couple of foot care products that can contribute to having pain-free and totally healthy feet your entire life.

To get the best shoes, try them on in the store and walk around. It can save you a lot of pain later to see whether they really move with you or work against you. We recommend avoiding ordering shoes online — other than orthopedic sandals and other therapeutic devices — unless you already know the brand and its design. Ordering a second pair of shoes in a trusted brand and style to save money makes sense, but dealing with a shoe brand that’s new to you without being able to try anything on doesn’t.

Now, let’s talk about three kinds of foot care products that can enhance your foot care regime.

The first type of foot care product you might want to start with is a shoe insole in every shoe, like those made by Spenco. You can get gel insoles, for example, that fit inside your shoes and give you more comfort as well as increased support. The insoles can keep your shoes from hurting your feet and can keep your feet from getting sore when you have to be on them all day.

Insoles can also give you the arch support you need and can cushion your foot against the shock it can absorb on a daily basis. You can even get a little boost in height from insoles if you get the right kind.

But keeping your feet smooth and odor-free often requires a lotion or balm of some kind. Applying something like this can mean the difference between having dry, cracked feet and nice, comfortably smooth feet you can be proud of.

One smart tips is to put lotion or balm on before you go to bed and put socks on over it, unless directed otherwise. The socks heat up the lotion, allowing it to penetrate better. If you have a tendency toward dry skin, you’ll want to use something that has extra moisturizing ingredients. There are skin care products made especially for your feet, as you’ll see at

Before using a balm, lotion or cream, however, you might want to try a good scrub.

Indulging in an occasional foot scrub is a good routine to get into. It can eliminate dry skin by removing the dead skin cells. You can find a scrub that’s right for you in many different types and with lots of different scents. If you want something simpler, scrub with salt or sugar.

Foot health is an important part of overall health, so it makes sense to take care of your feet.

After all, you need great-looking, comfortable-feeling and completely healthy feet — whether you put them in tennis shoes, flip-flops or insulated hiking boots.