OOFOS Clog Sandals Offer Cushiony Comfort You’ll Love

Could you use 37 percent more shock absorption under your sore feet than you’re getting now? If so, you could use OOFOS Black Clog Sandals and the cushioning comfort they provide.

Available in sizes for both men and women, the simple, unadorned and minimalist design of these orthopedic sandals won’t detract from your outfit or draw attention to your feet. But you get a level of comfort you may have never thought possible.

Getting To Know OOFOS Black Clog Sandals

If you want the softest, most impact resistant orthopedic sandals on the market, turn to OOFOS Black Clog Sandals. They’re different from other similar footwear you may have tried. While many orthopedic sandals are firm and supportive to help keep your foot from moving side to side and to provide just the right support in the just the right location, OOFOS sandals are different.

They’re focuses on providing cushioning that can help you overcome Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and discomfort from heel spurs. If you have heel pain or generalized foot achiness, these could be the perfect footwear for you.

Whether you choose to wear them instead of going barefoot at home or instead of less comfortable flip-flops when at the beach, you won’t regret your decision to make these sandals part of your life. In fact, you may find yourself wearing them instead of your regular walking shoes.

Research has proven that OOFOS foam is 37 percent more impact absorbing than the EVA foam that comes in some shoes and is used in many foot care products and shoe insoles. That means you get significantly more cushioning and therefore more comfort than you get from other products.

Plus, these durable and machine washable sandals provide ample arch support for most foot types.

They’re also available in some other colors. You may want to explore the two other styles of OOFOS sandals as well. There’s sure to be a design that’s right for you.

No More Hesitation

Some people hesitate to order their first pair of orthopedic sandals because they’re afraid they’ll look bad, they’re afraid everyone will notice them or they’re don’t want to give in to the fact that they need them.

But people who choose OOFOS keep coming back for more again and again. That’s because the style doesn’t draw attention it itself, in part — but it’s almost certainly mostly because of the comfort they find from wearing the most cushiony comfort available in an orthopedic sandal.

So why not try them for yourself? You might be surprised how much difference a pair of sandals can make in your life if you have foot and heel pain that’s been sidelining you. Once you stop going barefoot and replace some of your shoe time with sandal time, your feet will feel better than you ever thought possible.

Then, you can get on with your life — and on with the things that matter most to you.