Orthopedic Sandals Are In Style

Did you know that orthopedic sandals are in style right now? That’s no wonder since there are so many more choices than ever before — and they’re a smart idea if you want to improve your foot and heel pain or keep from having problems in the first place.

Believe it or not, celebrities are actually discovering orthopedic sandals. We’ll drop a couple of names — and also tell you about one of our favorite brands.

Making Sense In The City

If you think about it, many celebrities live in New York City or in other walkable cities around the globe. So they’re often on their feet if they want to take full advantage of their cities. That’s why actress Keri Russell has been seen recently wearing a particular brand of nice-looking orthotics. We won’t embarrass her by mentioning the brand in case she’s reading. But she’s been seen by photogs wearing her sandals more than once.

Michelle Williams is the other name we’re mentioning today. She’s made it clear that she’s a fan of sandals that feel as good as they look. And why wouldn’t she be? Most brands of sandals made for keeping your feet comfortable have insoles designed by podiatrists to make sure you get the comfort you need. And today, fashion designers are tackling the outsides, making them look better than anyone would have thought possible just a few years ago.

Best-Looking Orthopedic Sandals?

Choosing the best looking ortho sandals has a lot to do with personal taste. Some people like the big and clunky look, and there are still plenty of chunky shoes you can choose from. But for those who like something a bit more refined, there’s the Orthaheel Women’s Fiji Sandals, available from FootCareDepot.com.

These toe-post sandals have earth-toned embellishments, including beaded accents and a wood-grain EVA footbed. They were invented by Australian podiartrist Phillip Vasyli, and they’re particularly nice because they’re very lightweight. They help you by realigning the lower leg to reduce pronation and its associated aches and pains. There’s a nice wave-pattern on the durable rubber sole and treads that help you get traction even when walking on uneven surfaces, something regular sandals can’t do.

No, they’re not the brand Russell or Williams have been spotted wearing, but they’re nice enough for use by celebrities or fashion-conscious people like you. (And guys, FootCareDepot.com has some great looking sandals for you, so don’t worry. The Orthaheel Wave might be right for guys who like to keep things simple and uncomplicated but still want to look good.)

So what will it be for you: comfy shoes designed by a podiatrist or something from a discount store designed by no one in particular?

We think comfort should always win over style so you can enjoy overall health and great-feeling feet every day of your life. But isn’t it nice that great looking orthopedic sandals are available? That means you don’t have to choose between comfort and style anymore.