Overuse Syndromes Differ From Sport To Sport, But All Somehow Involve Your Feet

Every kind of sport has overuse syndromes attached to it that explain the various aches and pains the participants in that sport have in their feet, legs, back and other overused joints. But you can’t examine each joint, muscle or tendon in isolation. You have to see the body as a whole system and understand the biomechanics at work.

And no matter the pain or problem, the feet are involved somehow. Aren’t they always? Many kinds of health problems are associated with feet problems.

Need to talk through this just a bit to reach a clear understanding? No problem. We’ll explain how symptoms of feet with biomechanical weaknesses can show up in your ankles, back and elsewhere.

Foot Problems Are Body Problems

Problems with foot health are actually problems with your overall health in one way or another. A problem with the foot, for example, can lead to pain that displays itself in the forefoot or heel — or in the lower back, shoulders and neck.

Fully understanding foot health means understanding your body from you back all the way down through your legs and the feet themselves. Everything, as you probably already understand, is interconnected, after all.

Sports each have overuse syndromes related to them. Distance runners often have problems with the knee, heel and Achilles tendon and may experience shin splints, for example. Sprinters are more likely to feel pain in the balls of their feet — and they may get bunions or muscle tightness in the buttocks. Basketball players seem to have a high occurrence rate of hammer toes.

All athletes, however, have fewer symptoms of overuse syndromes when they use shoe insoles and otherwise take care of their foot health. That means one part of the system is being looked after.

Whether you’re an athlete or not, perhaps you can learn a lesson from this information and protect your feet from the daily strains you place on them — and shoe insoles are a great way to start.

It’s All One System

Explaining why athletes experience one kind of problem and not another is difficult, and treating any symptom without treating the whole back, leg and foot system just doesn’t seem to work. That’s why shoe insoles are part of a complete system of steps that help some athletes and regular people alike.

You see, foot pain may be caused by foot problems, may be caused by overuse and may be caused by problems elsewhere in the body. By the same token, pain in the leg or shoulders could be related to foot issues, so using shoe insoles may be part of the solution.

If this is all getting a bit convoluted and confusing for you, it need not be. In fact, it’s all very simple: Take care of your feet because your feet support a whole system of muscles, tendons and bones that support the activities you enjoy most.

And take care of all the other parts of your system too. When you do, you’ll feel great. But when any part of your system breaks down, it’s all in jeopardy of failure, leaving you out of the game.