Shoe Insoles Aren’t All The Same

Why should you order your shoe insoles online instead of just picking some up at the grocery, drug or discount store?

If you want the best possible insoles that will provide you complete relief from foot and heel pain issues and allow to walk, work and stand for as long as possible, you need insoles designed with you in mind — not something made cheaply and intended to look good on store racks.

Many consumer products offered for retail sale at in-person sales venues compromise quality to reach a price point and profit margin desired by the retailer. That doesn’t necessarily mean you get less expensive insoles when you purchase in person, however. It means that packaging considerations and the retailer’s desire to make as much money as possible require that products be made as inexpensively as possible. The savings may not be passed on to you.

When retailers ask companies to cut corners, they have no choice but to comply or risk having their foot care products removed from store shelves.

When you buy shoe insoles online, packaging considerations, retail store overhead and other related issues don’t come into play. Instead, you deal with low-overhead manufacturers and dealers that focus on providing the best prices for the highest quality products — and on establishing direct relationships with their customers.

Turn To Shoe Insole Specialists

Not too many years ago, people turned to specialists for all their needs. If you wanted good-quality paper, you went to a stationer. Fresh vegetables came from a farmer’s market. Bakers had their own shops that sold fresh bread without preservatives. Then, supermarkets and big-box retailers changed that. Now, we buy everything at large stores that specialize in nothing.

But the Internet has allowed that better, old-fashioned way of dealing only with specialists to reemerge.

Since Internet shopping is safer, simpler and more niche-oriented than ever before, you can once again turn with confidence to specialty retailers for the products you need. That means when it’s time to solve your foot pain issues, find a good plantar fasciitis treatment program or order some inserts to add some comfort to shoes that didn’t come with much padding, you can turn to foot care product specialists.

It just makes sense to work with industry-leading specialists rather than generalists.

Quality Shoe Insoles Come From Reputable Names

Names like Spenco, Superfeet and Sole may not mean much to you yet, but these are the big names in foot care products. The names that may first come to your mind because you’ve seen them at the store don’t play a role in modern, high-quality specialist foot care.

Many shoe insoles available on local store shelves are nothing more than sheets of rubber or other materials in attractive sleeves or boxes. Some don’t provide arch support, antimicrobial properties to help with smelly feet or high-tech cushioning to absorb shocks. Retail-store inserts will take up some room in your shoes and take some money out of your wallet, but they may not provide any additional benefits.

And they may not come with a complete warranty and a satisfaction guarantee from the seller either.