Shoe Insoles Can Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain: Yes, It’s True

Sciatic nerve pain can have a variety of causes, but if your spinal alignment issues are caused by problems in your feet as many are, shoe insoles can help correct the problem, taking the pressure off the nerve and allowing it to heal.

That’s means your pain could go away completely or be significantly reduced from something as simple as using good shoe insoles in your everyday, athletic and workout shoes.

First, let’s take a moment to understand sciatic pain, then we’ll talk about bit more about how shoe insoles can help.

Understanding Sciatic Nerve Pain

Simply put, sciatic nerve pain is pain that occurs near the hip when a nerve root in that area is compressed. The reason is usually some kind of body or foot imbalance that causes you to put more pressure on this area than you should.

You’ll recognize the pain when it happens. It’s a shooting or sometimes throbbing pain that goes from the middle of your back through the middle of your seat and down to the heel of your foot. You can feel pain at only a few points along the way — or all down your leg and into the bottom of your foot.

Some people experience the most pain when sitting; others find standing for long periods of time most painful. That’s why treatment programs often involve alternating between standing, sitting and walking, focusing on doing more of those activities that are less painful until the pain subsides.

But it isn’t just pain. Sciatica can also involve tingling, numbness and other symptoms. All result from irritation of the nerve roots extending from the spinal cord in the lower back area.

Because a ruptured or herniated disc is often the cause of sciatic, it should be considered a serious medical condition. That means you need to seek the advice of a doctor when you have pain for more than a few days instead of simply ignoring it or turning to home remedies and products for help. If you’ve been diagnosed with the problem and other approaches aren’t providing complete relief, however, turning to shoe insoles makes sense.

How Shoe Insoles Help Sciatica

Your entire body stands atop your feet. If something is wrong in your feet, every nerve, bone, tendon and ligament in your body — especially in your lower body — can be pushed or pulled improperly. Because many people are born with low arches, develop fallen arches over time or don’t have as much heel padding as necessary, shoe insoles make sense because they compensate for what you lack and keep the structures inside your feet from shifting into undesirable positions as you stand or walk.

With choices from major makers like Spenco and SOLE, is certain to have something for you. For help with sciatic nerve pain that isn’t accompanied by foot pain, focus on shoe inserts that primarily provide stability rather than cushioning.

If you want to approach your sciatic nerve pain from the bottom up, you need to start where many lower-body aches and pains start — with your feet. The right shoe insoles could provide the support and stability you need to keep your feett aligned and your back pain in check.