Simplest Treatment For Fallen Arches Is Shoe Insoles And Other Orthotics

Did you know that shoe insoles and other orthotics are the most common treatment for fallen arches? Shoe insoles are great for a variety of purposes and foot issues, and there may be no better way to treat fallen arches.

Shoe insoles are economical, highly effective and available in a wide range of brands and styles for every person and every kind of footwear.

A Bit About Fallen Arches

Fallen arches — also called flat feet — often start in childhood and worsen during adult life, but they may not start until adulthood. The collapsed arch leads to stress on the plantar fascia that causes heel pain and on the medial tendon causing tendonitis and even torn tendons. And that’s just the beginning. In severe flat feet, you’ll have pain on the outside of the foot and in the calf as well as symptoms involving your Achilles tendon.

In fact, arch problem are often related to tight calf muscles. Tight calf muscles cause the foot to overpronate — that is, roll inward — causing the arch to break down over time and eventually completely collapse.

Surgery called calf release is available when you have flat feet from tighten calf muscles. Done at the back of the knee or further down the calf, it’s day surgery and recovery is quick. There are usually no restrictions on walking and no cast needed.

Other surgery options available range from implanting bone spacers to complete surgical reconstruction of badly deformed feet.

The Simplest Treatment Available

Even simpler, however, is to buy some good, supportive shoes and add custom orthotics and other shoe insoles. Insoles work just as you might imagine they would: they support the arches with plastic, rubber and other modern materials and keep them from settling or shifting as you walk.

While your podiatrist may recommend that you have custom orthotics created to address the problem — and offer you a solution with a price tag in the hundreds of dollars — ask your doctor about over-the-counter shoe insoles and moldable orthotics too. You may be surprised to find that many doctors are okay with over-the-counter solutions.

In many cases, over-the-counter orthotics and shoe insoles like the ones sold at are made with the same materials and the same attention to detail as those prescribed by doctors. But the price is just a fraction because these makers have lower overheads, lower distribution costs — and don’t have to provide kickbacks or incentives to doctors to recommend them.

If you have flat feet or think you may have, contact a doctor to confirm your suspicions. Then, opt for the simplest treatment first.

Try shoe insoles and custom orthotics from a reputable and inexpensive online dealer like — and save the worries about surgery and reconstruction for another day. You may be able to be completely happy and totally pain-free with only a little help from some high-quality shoe insoles.