Socks Matter: Shun Cotton, Celebrate Synthetic

Maybe you don’t need something else to worry about related to your foot health. After all, you really need to be concerned about getting good quality shoes with good padding and support. Then, you often need shoe insoles to make the shoes more comfortable and eliminate your pain issues.

But socks matter too.

If you’re putting a lot of attention into choosing your shoes and insoles but not thinking about your socks, you’re missing an important part of total foot comfort.

While there’s nothing wrong with standard cotton socks for everyday use, for best performance, choose sweat-wicking and blister reducing synthetic fibers. Choose Seamless Active Socks by Pedifix.

If you have diabetes, arthritis or feet that are sensitive to seams, pills and fabric irregularities, these are the perfect socks for everyday use. For the rest of us, they’re still perfect — and still a better choice than whatever you’ve been wearing all these years.

The Problem With Cotton Socks

Most socks contain some cotton for complete comfort and the look and feel of traditional socks, but 100 percent cotton socks are a problem. That’s because they absorb moisture and keep it near your feet, creating the potential for blister, bacterial infections, fungal outbreaks and more. Socks that are made mostly or at least partly of synthetic fiber wick moisture away. They may have other beneficial features as well.

Pedifix Seamless Active Socks have an additional antibacterial material as well as hand-sewn toe seams, extra shock-absorbing padding and construction that’s aimed at keeping them from binding or bunching up. They contain some cotton, but they’re mostly acrylic, polypropylene, nylon and elastic.

Interestingly, a couple of decades ago foot care products companies might have to tried to convince you of the benefits of pure cotton socks, but now we know that other materials have their own benefits as well. Plus, cotton isn’t very good for cushioning, wears away during washing and can become abrasive and irritating over time.

Why Not Try Synthetic Socks?

Synthetic socks, on the other hand, wick moisture away, keeping your feet healthier, drier and cooler. They cost a bit more than cotton socks to purchase, but they make up for the extra initial cost in longevity as well as comfort.

If your feet sweat a lot or you participate in a lot of high-impact walking, running or extended standing, well-padded synthetic socks make sense. While it might be okay to wear your old cotton socks around the house when you don’t plan to walk or stand much, when you’re working, walking or exercising you really need good socks.

Even if you have good shoes with good shoe insoles, the moisture-wicking properties alone are reason enough to wear synthetic socks like Pedifix Seamless Active Socks.

You may not think socks don’t matter much, but paying attention to your foot health means paying attention to your feet themselves as well as your shoes, insoles, orthotics devices and socks too. Socks come in direct contact with your feet and are your first line of defense against foot issues — and the first source of irritation if they’re not right.