Take A Combination Approach To Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

If you suffer from severe plantar fasciitis, you need to approach treatment of this painful and debilitating condition from a variety of angles both day and night if you want complete relief.

Fortunately, we at FootCareDepot.com make a combination approach to heel pain treatment simple with our Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Combo. It can also help you with pain from heel spurs and Achilles tendonitis too.

But what’s included? And how does it help? Keep reading for the information you need.

Is Your Doctor At A Loss?

It’s very common for patients like you to visit a podiatrist many times for plantar fasciitis treatment and still limp away with little improvement. Some people have noted that it’s not in a doctor’s best interest to cure a patient or successfully manage symptoms because that cuts off a revenue stream. Others simply point out that many doctors don’t know how to put an end to heel pain.

In any case, doctors often inject cortisone into the pain, for example — generating more pain during the procedure and only temporarily solving the problem. If you keep coming back for more of those shots, however, the doctor will keep making money.

Podiatrists also recommend custom orthotics that can cost hundreds of dollars, then suggest you get them from a company or shop in which they have a financial interest. But orthotics need not be so expensive.

The real key to successful plantar fasciitis treatment is treating the issue day and night in a variety of ways. That requires a complete and comprehensive suite of products.

The Combo Package

The most often overlooked portion of plantar fasciitis treatment is nighttime treatment. Since your foot relaxes as you sleep, it creates slack on the fascia that causes it to contract like rubber band. Then, you wake up in the morning and try to step out of bed — but the fascia has contracted so much that walking on your heel is difficult and painful. A night splint could have prevented that problem.

And when a night splint is used in conjunction with daytime orthotics and shoe insoles, you could get complete relief in a matter of days.

FootCareDepot.com’s complete Plantar Fasciitis Treatment combo includes six products designed to help you get back on your feet. This starts with liquid orthotics you start wearing on day one as well as HTP heel seats you can use in conjunction with your orthotics for complete comfort and stability.

Plus, this kit includes a rigid night splint, a Plantar FXT Soft Night Splint, Oofos sandals to help cushion the plantar fascia when not wearing regular shoes and a foot massager simple enough to help you stretch the fascia anytime — even at work.

So haven’t you suffered enough? Aren’t you tired of doctors who don’t know what to do for you — or won’t tell you? Isn’t it time to take definitive action that will put your problem behind you so you can get on with life?

When ordered together as a combo, you save 25 percent off our already-low prices, so isn’t it time to get the complete package that can provide the plantar fasciitis treatment you need?