The Perfect Home Pedicure Involves Smart Decisions And Some Pampering

A home pedicure can be a smart decision that will help you keep your feet looking and feeling great. If you do it right and don’t make any bad decisions, you can dramatically improve the look, feel and perhaps even the healthy of your feet.

If you have diabetes or other circulatory problems, it’s a smart idea to consult with your doctor before doing anything to your feet. Doctors often recommend careful pedicures for diabetics to help keep feet healthy and prevent ingrown toenails and other sores that can have serious consequences. But your doctor may have other ideas.

For everyone else, a home pedicure is part personal grooming and part pampering.

Home Pedicure Tips

Starting with the right tools is essential to giving yourself a good pedicure. That means sharp, well-made clippers for your toenails and some softening treatment for feet.

You may want to plug the drain after a shower and let your feet soak in some mild foot soak or bubble bath. This will soften hard skin. Once feet are dry, you can use a special tool to gently file away calluses and other thick, hard skin.

But don’t cut off hard skin. That just creates damage that must be repaired by your body, and it will likely come back even harder. Try buffing instead.

And don’t skip the most soothing part of a professional pedicure: the massage. A five-minute massage can activate the sebaceous glands on the top of your feet and help get your natural oils flowing. Of course, it can be a very relaxing and enjoyable experience as well.

Some experts suggest applying nail polish — even if it’s clear — to enhance and protect your nails. They also suggest ending your treatment with a dusting of talcum powder to discourage bacteria growth and prevent friction issues that cause calluses. You may want to use talc every time you put on socks — but you may find this too drying.

A Smart Product Choice

If you have dry, cracked feet and other skin health issues on your feet, you may want to try the Sof’feet Foot Care System Callus Reducer With Softening Cream. You can work the cream into your skin to eliminate dry areas — and you can use it on your hands, knees and elbows too.

The included callus reducer is the perfect buffer to smooth away the worst calluses and hardened skin.

You may not think a home pedicure can be as much fun as a professional one, but it’s much cheaper — and you never have to worry about whether the water is clean, whether the implements have been sterilized and how good your technician is. There are genuine reasons to be concerned about professional pedicures these days, and it good sense to do it yourself if possible.

And when you use a callus remover and dry skin cream, you can keep your feet looking and feeling healthy between pedicures. Great feet, as you may already know, are part of a great life.