Tissue Density Restoration Massage Offers Another Approach To PF Heel Pain Relief

Some massage therapists and physical therapists are trying a relatively new approach to PF heel pain. They’re doing something called tissue density restoration — or TDR. The idea is that massage can return your foot tissue to a more normal state, and that can mean less pain for you.

Skeptical? Not sure how it could possibly work? Here’s some more information — and some good advice.

What is TDR Massage?

Used for a variety of pain issues besides just plantar fasciitis, tissue density restoration massage is based on the idea that there is an elevation in tissue density associated with muscle and joint pain — and that massage can restore this tissue to normal density and allow you freedom from your pain and greater function.

To perform TDR massage on you, a therapist will usually use standard massage tools like warm towels, massage cream and perhaps a heating pad. A treatment could take as long as 45 minutes and will likely begin with a massage of the whole foot, then the treatment will focus in on the specific tissues in the bottom of your foot where you experience heel pain. You’ll probably be told to speak up if your pain level gets too high during treatment.

The therapist will be able to feel abnormal tissue inside your feet and will focus on these most painful spots. You may even notice the therapist using a tool — perhaps a simple pink block eraser — to apply significant pressure to the worst areas. The tissue around a heel spur can even be manipulated in this way to ease pain.

The practitioner may make a diagram of the painful areas in your foot and work on those most in future sessions. You may be told that six to eight treatments are necessary to clear up your PF pain.

But does this work? In a word, yes. Or at least it can for some people. There are no guarantees, however. Also, some feet are too sensitive or too painful to endure the treatment. So what options are left in that case?

Tried-And-True PF Heel Pain Relief

Shoe insoles and heel seats are tried-and-true treatments for plantar fasciitis pain. And FootCareDepot.com sells a complete range of insoles designed to cushion your feet, massage away PF pain while you walk and keep your problem from getting worse as you sleep. To learn more about what’s available, explore the site.

Tackling heel pain requires a multifaceted approach in many cases. If your budget and your pain tolerance allows you to try out TDR massage, you may find it beneficial. If you want to take a different or an additional approach, however, why not try some cushioned shoe insoles? They’re all that many people need — and they’re part of a complete treatment program for everyone.

Plus, you can order shoe insoles, night splints and other foot care products now — without scheduling an appointments, getting anyone’s permission or delving deeply into your saving account. Doesn’t it make sense to order some things today that can help you feel better and get back into life?