Understanding The Benefits of Arch Supports for Children

Arch supports can be worn either by adults or by children and both groups of people can benefit in various ways. As a parent, you may be curious about what the purpose of children’s arch supports are and how they can benefit your child. We have some answers.

Generally, arch supports act as a replacement for or supplement to the padding in shoes. Some shoe companies already put arch supports in their products, so you may not need to add shoe inserts until these shoes become old and worn, losing the built-in support. In many cases, however, shoes are designed for style and value and don’t have adequate arch support.

Studies reveal that shoes play an important role while your child is growing. A number of lifelong foot disorders can be traced back to poor shoes during childhood. To prevent pain and save your child from a lifetime of problems, add arch supports to all their shoes.

The Importance of Children Arch Supports

Listed below are some of the many reasons why adding children’s arch supports is a smart idea:

- They can improve your child’s poor balance and make them more stable in their movements.

- They can help in correcting your child’s poor posture.

- They can take pressure off the forefoot and heel, allowing bones to develop more naturally.

- They can provide the cushioning and shock absorption necessary to minimize some of the strain your child experiences in his or her joints and spine.

- They can reduce the risk of your child falling while playing, walking, and running or doing other everyday activities.

- They can prevent injuries if your child enjoys sports. Participating in sports makes your child more vulnerable to injuries than other children, plus arch supports can increase their comfort and reduce the impact they experience when their feet come in contact with hard surfaces.

And this list is just the beginning. There are many other reasons arch supports for children are important. If your child is already experiencing any form of discomfort or pain in the foot, wearing arch supports can reduce or alleviate it.

Some Final Thoughts

Did you know that the feet of children can experience three times the stress that the feet of adults receive? It’s true, and it’s a difficult to statistic to consider if protecting your children from harm is important to you.

Fortunately, FootCareDepot.com has a variety of children arch support choices from some of the industry’s top brands — like Spenco, Superfeet and Kidzerts. These shoe insoles and arch supports are specially designed with children in mind so they are appealing to them and provide just the kind of support and cushioning kids need.

If you’re willing to do whatever is necessary to protect your child from hardship but don’t put arch supports in his or her shoes, you’re not doing a complete job of protecting your little one from the demands that this world full of hard surfaces can place on the body.