Why Free Shipping? It’s What Foot Care Product Customers Deserve

Free shipping is a smart idea for companies that want to reach consumers — and it makes sense for value-minded customers who want the most for their money too.

At FootCareDepot.com, we offer you free shipping, and we do it for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most important is that it’s what you deserve. It’s the least we can do for you since our business could not succeed without your support.

But there are many other intelligent reasons why we offer free shipping, and we’ll tell you about a few of them.

Our Shipping Policy

First, however, let’s explain our shipping policy. It’s really simple, actually.

We ship everything the next business day from our warehouse in Florida. If you order on a Monday just before midnight Eastern time, we ship on Tuesday. If you order early Wednesday morning, we ship Thursday. If you order Christmas day, we ship the day after Christmas.

Orders are sent via USPS First Class Mail, and the expected delivery time is 5 to 8 days. You can choose to upgrade to Priority Mail and a slightly shorter delivery time for an additional charge. But that’s up to you.

Why We Offer Free Shipping

Here are a few of the reasons we offer you free shipping:

First, it encourages you, we hope. You don’t have to guess how much your order will cost you once shipping charges are added. We hope that’s just the nudge you need to make your first purchase from us. Once you’ve ordered shoe insoles or other foot care products from us, you won’t need encouragement anymore. Our high-quality products and our high-level of customer service speak for themselves.

Second, there are no mistakes. Companies that charge you to ship products to your home often have mistakes in their online order forms that require you to contact them if you want to get the right rate. And that’s a lot of hassle. With free shipping, there’s no problem, no confusion and nothing to worry about.

Third, it keeps us from being at a disadvantage. You see, we know we have great products and superior service, but some people — perhaps you’re one of them — simply won’t pay shipping charges. And some of our competitors offer free shipping. By eliminating shipping charges, we eliminate their competitive edge and allow you the freedom to experience our superior service without paying more.

Think about it: we’re giving you service that goes above and beyond what’s expected along with products that our own testing and research has determined to be among the best. If you were as certain of your business as we are of ours, you’d do everything possible to make your products accessible too.

So why not place your first order with us now? You’ll get free shipping — and you’ll have your foot care products in just a few days.

Then, your journey toward a better life begins. Once you see how much difference shoe insoles and specialty items like night splints and bunions regulators make in your life, you’ll be a committed customer for life.