You Don’t Have To Understand Foot Care Products As Long As They Work

A biomechanist explained in a recent article that he didn’t completely understand how some orthotics work, but his research had shown that high-quality shoe insoles can help runners and others avoid pain and injury.

In other words, the prominent scientist said, foot care products help — but he doesn’t know why.

But it’s not important that he understands orthotics, though. It’s important that shoe insole makers understand the science and that shoe insole users continue to see the dramatic improvements in foot pain, heel pain, aches, pains and overall health that they’ve been achieving.

You see, industry-leading biomechanists and other specialists at foot care product makers understand how their insoles work and are always working to perfect their products to make sure they function as well as possible.

While biomechanists not associated with these companies don’t always get it, they must concede that inserts work. Product makers, of course, have thousands of customer testimonials to prove that.

Prevent Injuries And More With Foot Care Products

The outsider biomechanist who conceded that shoe inserts work noted in his comments that the best foot care products can help some athletes prevent injury.

A different scientist said that foot pain patients seem happier having insoles than not having them. While not exactly a ringing endorsement, we think it’s a true statement. (We’re not using the names of these scientists because we don’t want to embarrass them, but these comments have been reported numerous times online.)

In truth, however, the small handful of scientists who have recently been speaking out about orthotics have just scratched the surface of what’s known about foot care products. There are actually hundreds of published papers indicating that orthotics can treat and prevent foot problems that result from mechanical issues with the foot. These are the kinds of injuries that cause plantar fasciitis pain, shin splints and knee pain.

A spokesman for the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists said in a recent article that while shoe insoles were once driven by marketing, science is taking over. Special orthotics and prosthetics are even being created to treat scoliosis, for example, when once using devices to treat conditions was much less common.

Do What Feels Right

As a consumer, however, perhaps the science isn’t as important to you as it seems. Millions of people like you have found relief from using carefully chosen foot care products — like shoe insoles, night splints and other devices — and so can you.

You can rest assured that there’s real science from industry-leading biomechanists and others to support the design of each product. But we suggest that you make up your own mind about what works best.

At, we only sell highly recommended products with strong reputations, so you can’t go wrong when you order from us. Plus, our generous returns policy as well as factory warranties in some cases help ensure your total satisfaction.

There’s no reason to hurt just because you don’t understand how certain foot care products work. Some prominent scientists don’t understand them either, but the millions of satisfied customers force them to concede that they just don’t know everything.