Your Chiropractor May Be Ignoring Your Foot Health

Perhaps it’s too bold a claim to make, but at least one orthotics maker — whose products we don’t sell at, actually — is claiming that your chiropractor may be ignoring your foot health to save himself or herself some time and money.

It’s unclear how the charge could be proven, but it doesn’t really matter if the company’s press release on the matter is true or not. It’s still something you might want to think about: Is your doctor, chiropractor or other healthcare professional putting as much emphasis on your foot health as necessary to make sure your don’t experience increasing foot and heel pain as you age?

Have you thought about this issue before? Are your feet getting the attention they deserve?

Pamper Your Feet

We suggest pampering every part of your body every chance you get. After all, it’s the only body to have, and it deserves to be treated well. Fortunately, we know what it takes to pamper your feet with every step: the right cushiony shoe insoles.

Whether you have foot pain or not, shoe insoles can make a real difference in your everyday life by allowing you to walk, stand or work longer before your feet feel tired.

And even if you visit a chiropractor for other kinds of pain, you may not be getting the high-quality foot care advice you need because he or she may be reluctant to spend thousands on expensive scanners, perform complicated tests and take the other time-consuming and costly actions necessary to get you a good foot health diagnosis.

Some experts suggest that chiropractors are taking less of an interest in foot health because there’s no money to be made in taking care of feet since inexpensive shoe insoles and orthotics are available from many source, including low-cost online sellers like

All sorts of foot and heel pain including plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and Morton’s neuroma can be treated with over-the-counter orthotics, leaving chiropractors unable to make a profit by selling patients more expensive prescribed brands, the story’s research suggests.

One orthotics maker said in recent press releases that it intends to partner with healthcare professionals, not compete with them, however.

The Smart Solution

While it’s true that readily available shoe insoles and orthotics like the ones we sell at can solve many foot health issues and relieve many sources of foot pain, there’s also no substitute for professional medical advice.

If you have foot pain, we recommend you insist that your doctor, chiropractor or other healthcare professional look at your situation carefully and rule out underlying medical conditions that can lead to pain and discomfort. But don’t be surprised if you’re diagnosed with a common condition like PF pain or heel spur pain and told to order some cushioning shoe insoles.

When that’s your diagnosis, we can help.

Because we carefully chose only the best brands, you don’t have to suffer with foot pain, diagnosed or not. You can order shoe insoles and other devices that can help you get back into the pain-free life you deserve.